International Observer Of the United Nations Mission In Colombia has passed away

18 Aug 2017

International Observer Of the United Nations Mission In Colombia has passed away

Bogotá, 18 august, 2017. The United Nations Mission in Colombia deeply regrets the death of our Chilean observer colleague, Guillermo Andrés Saavedra Juárez, and sends his deepest condolences and solidarity to all his family, friends, compatriots and co-workers.

During his period worked with the Mission at the local office of the Monitoring and Verification Mechanism (MVM) in Charras, Guaviare, Major Saavedra served as officer of operations and as second in command of the office.

His functions included planning the administrative and operational activities of the MVM at headquarters, and collaborating with the articulation and liaison with civil society. He also carried out verification patrols with the tripartite mechanism and participated in the FARC-EP's laying down of arms process. He always carried out his work with great enthusiasm and professionalism, regardless of the schedule, weather conditions and other challenges.

His colleagues remember Major Saavedra as a great friend and an excellent professional who showed initiative and willingness in all his tasks. His personal and professional qualities enabled him to combine teamwork and ensure the proper operational and administrative functioning at headquarters. According to his colleagues, his usual phrase was "You can always do things better.

With a high human quality, Major Saavedra contributed to the Mission, the Department of Guaviare, and Colombia, his professional experience, his dedication to work and his commitment to the Colombian peace process. Your colleagues and the entire staff of the Mission pay tribute to your service.

The UN Mission and the Embassy of Chile have maintained permanent contact with the family of Major Saavedra and is currently managed to repatriate their body to their country of origin as soon as possible.