Press release – UN Mission in Colombia

28 Jul 2017

Press release – UN Mission in Colombia

Bogota, 28 July 2017 - Pursuant to Security Council resolution 2366 (2017) on July 10th, which grants the United Nations Mission in Colombia the task of beginning the verification of the FARC-EP members reincorporation into civilian life process. The Mission welcomes the Government's decision to issue Resolution 285 of July 28th, 2017, which will speed up the process initiated by the Amnesty Law (Law 1820 of 2016).

"This is a great step in the implementation of the Final Agreement and a positive signal of the Government's willingness to continue to build a sustainable peace on the reconciliation path. It is also a recognition of the commitments being made by the FARC-EP", said Jean Arnault, head of the United Nations Mission in Colombia.

The adoption of this Resolution demonstrates the compliance of the parties with the Road Map agreed on May 29th of this year, which contributes to lay a solid foundation for the FARC-EP men and women reincorporation phase.

The Mission recognizes the efforts and the will of all competent authorities, including judges of the Republic, who are fulfilling their responsibilities, contributing to the peace of the country.

The United Nations Mission in Colombia trusts that the measures of Resolution 285 of July 28, 2017 will be implemented as soon as possible, as well as continue with the procedures of the Amnesty Law.